About Peila LTD

Who we are?

Established in 1988, Peila LTD Provides advanced computing solutions to the civil and army industries.

What do we do?

Peila has helped thousands of customers around the world do more with a smaller IT footprint. We help companies improve by providing brilliant technology that does the job better, faster and cheaper and makes great long-term commercial sense.

What makes us different?

We take the latest processors from Intel & AMD and craft unique PCs and media players around them. We think of this as the our magic.

Our PCs and media players use less energy to do the job, so are quieter and can be cooled without fans. That also means lower running costs and greater reliability. 80% of PC faults are cause by faulty cooling systems, It helps make them tough and rugged too.  Therefore all our fanless PC’s are carrying 3 years warranty. Finally we add hardware and software flexibility: offering as many connections and accessories as we can, and supporting Windows & Linux.

Peila LTD serves vast clientele and help them reach their technological goals. Our qualified staff will assist you assemble the best unit for your needs.