Intel Based Rugged PC

Peila LTD is Proud to introduce the new intel based rugged PC.

Intel Based Rugged PC

The new Tech

Intel® Elements are an entirely new way to design and build embedded solutions and Mini PCs. Compute module options along with a series of Intel-designed components, deliver the flexibility of modular computing letting you create the exact systems you want. Intel Elements include compute module and chassis module options, allowing you to develop innovative solutions. Start with a compute module with the exact processor you need and plug it into your choice of chassis module. By transforming how systems can be built and serviced, Intel is once again revolutionizing computing in order to help you succeed. From embedded deployments to rugged systems in unique environments, to full systems in a business or vertical environment, the Intel Elements let you deliver custom solutions with minimal R&D time



Intel® Based Rugged PC is a modular PC kit that’s small in size but not on toughness or reliability. It features a fanless, ventless design to minimize particle intrusion, so it’s built to survive environments most PCs can’t – from a busy factory floor to a dusty warehouse. And even without a fan, it can operate in temperatures from 0-40˚C to thrive in severe in-the-field conditions(IP50 Standard). And with the compute modules, systems are scalable from Celeron all the way up to Core i7 with vPro.



Housed in a small, quiet, fanless chassis that’s slim enough to fit almost anywhere, 

the Rugged PC can be easily integrated into digital solutions. 

The three chassis options provide flexibility in usage, and are qualified for 24/7 operation, making it the ideal PC solution to keep edge analytics, digital signage, or surveillance cameras up and running around the clock. All modules carry a 3-year warranty,

 for performance that’s designed to last


Expandable (CMCRIABA)

Designed for IoT deployments


Designed for edge analitics​

Multiple HDMI (CMCR1ABC)

Designed for digital signage

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